Russian Police Officer Uses Krav Maga Against Violent Offender

While we have not seen many high level MMA competitors from a Krav Maga background it remains popular with Eastern European police and military. Some see it as a less honorable fighting system due to its emphasis onstrikes to the eyes and groin, typically taboo strikes and illegal in combat sports.

After an initial shoving match we see the suspect in orange throw a weak kick, which is easily caught by the officer who returns fire with a kick of his own sending the aggressor to the ground. Unperturbed the suspect swings a shovel wildly at the officer who uses his nightstick to block the blow before disabling the suspect with a punch and knee.

The knee is very effective as the officer drives the suspects neck and upper body down as he brings his knee up. This was not a Muay Thai plum by any means but just as effective. A second officer then comes into shot as the handcuff the suspect.

The use of space and separation are to be commended, as should the officers ability to take a dangerous situation in his stride. In the US some police forces incorporate  jiu jitsu into their training. This is an excellent alternative for law enforcers who wish to deescalate situations and resolve violent conflicts without having to resort to their gun.


Jack Gushue