The Practical Isn't Pretty

It's Violent!

The first principle in Krav Maga is that the best way to survive a violent confrontation is to avoid it– situational awareness and conflict de-escalation are two of the basic tenets of the teachings.

But when the only choice left is to fight, Krav Maga throws the rules out the window. Eye-gouging, elbows to the face, and systematic attacks to the groin area are all part of the deadly repertoire employed to defend against attacks, disarm and neutralize an assailant, and escape a threatening situation.

Integrating the techniques of various martial arts with the dirty tactics of street fighting, Krav Maga training (which means ‘contact combat’ in Hebrew) emphasizes real life scenarios and prepares students to respond, in the most effective way possible, under the real stress and surprise of an attack.

Some Krav Maga schools even encourage their students to practice in regular street-clothes; because most people don’t walk around in karate robes.

Jack Gushue