Civilian Instructor Certification

"Krav Maga Force Civilian Instructor Certification course (CIC) will be one of the BEST experiences and one of the BEST investments you will EVER make. – I promise you that!" ~ Laurian Lapadatu, Chief Instructor

Krav Maga it is a self-defense system developed by the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) that consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from several martial arts (Aikido, Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, Karate etc).  Krav Maga is known for not only defending against deadly psychical attacks but its also known for its extremely efficient and brutal counter-attacks.

Krav Maga Force is a updated version of Traditional Krav Maga designed by a group of experts in Reality Based Systems and Martial Arts.

What makes Krav Maga Force desirable is not just the fact that this system is one of the most effective self-defense systems on the planet, but the fact that it is a PERFECT FIT for everyone. – Yeah, maybe you’ve heard that before… well let me tell ya this time you get proof.

Krav Maga Force is reality based system tested in Civilian, Law Enforcement and Military worlds.

A very special aspect of Krav Maga Force is that can be learned very easy and used successfully in short amount of time. Another advantage of Krav Maga Force is that the system can be easy incorporated in Karate and Taekwon-Do schools as a perfect fit with their curriculum.

Building Stronger Safer Communities Together

Building Stronger Safer Communities Together

What You Get

Once you complete the training; aside from, personal growth and the ability to deploy cutting edge self-defense techniques. You will also benefit from an immediate return on investment as this certification will provide you the opportunity to teach and certify students in private or group environments anywhere around the world.

The Krav Maga Force Civilian Instructors Certification has a Lifetime validation. Once you pass, it’s yours  Each of the eight tested, proven, expertly-designed levels will hone in on specific and common assault situations.This will give your clients the proper training and muscle memory to ensure that they act on instinct in an assault situation and lower their chance by freezing & becoming a victim.

Your Krav Maga Force training will not only teach your clients how to keep themselves safe during an attack, your training will also teach them to take back their dignity & be ever confident in an ever increasing violent society.


Course Details and Prices

This course will consist of multiple levels of the Krav Maga Force curriculum. You can look forward to a physically and mentally challenging experience. You are about to discover that this course is extremely different and unlike any courses you have ever attended before.

There are 3 phases of the Civilian Instructor Courses in Krav Maga Force:

Phase 1: Level 0,1, 2 and 3 (White, Yellow, Orange and Green Belt). EACH LEVEL in Phase 1 is in between 35 - 40 hours. - The price for ALL Phase 1 is $2.250 (must be payed in full before first course).

Phase 2: Level 4, 2 Days Active Shooter Course and Level 5 (Brown Belt and Black Belt).

Level 4 (45 - 50 hours) - $1250 (If you pay Level 4 and 5 before taking Level 4 the Active Shooter Course is FREE)

Active Shooter Course (16 - 20 hours) - $500 (Pistol and Carbine Rental Included). This 2 Days course is mandatory in order to apply for Krav Maga Force Level 5 (Black Belt). If you did other Active Shooter course before and you do have a serial numbered certificate recognized by any state in USA you can send it to us and you will be informed in less than 48 hours if you need to retake the Active Shooter Course or not.

Level 5 (60 hours) - $1250 (Need your Hand Gun) or 1500 Hand Gun Rental Included)

Phase 3: Level 6, 7 and 8. EACH LEVEL in Phase 3 is over 60 hours. The price for ALL Phase 3 is $1250.

Please note that in Phase 3 you need to bring your weapons (if border issues we provide the weapons for you FREE) and you need to have your own (or your own rental) car.

For those who successfully complete the course, they will receive a lifetime Krav Maga Force Instructor Certificate stating / representing their level of mastery (competency) and qualification to instruct others. Those who do not receive a passing grade, a certification of completion / self-improvement will be presented. If, for any reason,some one is unable to complete this course, he/she may return (free of charge) for another same level course. If one is here to take this course for self-improvement and during this course decide to take the test to become an instructor, please advise the instructor regarding this decision no later than the end of the second course day.

We do not charge any extra fees for those wishing to take the instructor test. This also applies to those who have taken the instructor certification test but do not meet the criteria for passing this course (presented a self-improvement certificate) — one must return and take another course / re-test (at no charge).

Krav Maga Force Instructors courses are for EVERYONE over 18 years old! No Martial Arts or Fighting experience necessary.

Already a Krav Maga Instructor?

That’s great! If you are already an Instructor with another Lotar, Krav Maga or Kapap Organization and you have decided to become a Krav Maga Force Instructor too, WE WELCOME YOU.

We understand that you have already invested your time and money to get to where you are today. Therefore, your rank in another recognized organization will be recognized by us. (You will be required to submit a copy of your last certificate)

In order to teach the Krav Maga Force curriculum, you will have to attend a Krav Maga Force Civilian Instructor Course for the same Instructor level as your current one. After successfully completing this course, you will receive a lifetime Krav Maga Force Civilian Instructor Certificate and full membership benefits. This course will be at no charge but there will be a non-refundable deposit of $500.00 towards your next Krav Maga Force Civilian Instructor Level.