Police Instructor Overview



Our Total Officer Protection (TOP) course is one of the best and most effective self defense systems designed for Police Departments, Security Agencies and Government Agents.

We are aware of use-of-force and liability issues facing law enforcement these days and we are constantly updating our TOP Program in consultation with use-of-force experts to provide efficient responses in applications of reasonable force.

Our main focus is to keep your officers safe when they enter a combat situation. TOP also providestactical skills and train the officers to respond quick with the right tool and apply the correct level of force especially under stress.

The program is also designed to train large numbers of personnel at one time in a short period of time.  There are only 2 Educational Levels, consisting of 4 – 5 Days each. To further accommodate you, we can combine these two courses into a 1 week course of 10 hours each day. This way the officers and the Departments save travel time and expenses.



TOP Law Enforcement Instructor Certification 

• Mind Set and Awareness
• Threat perception
• Duty to act
• Combat Fitness (Punching, Kicking and using personal weapons or utilizing an Impact Weapon for Defensive Purposes and Striking)
• Self-Defense
• Defenses Against Pistol and Rifle Threats
• Defenses Against Objects
• Defenses Against Long Weapons Attacks (sticks/pipes/axes)
• Ground Tactics for Law Enforcement Application
• Arrest and Control Tactics
• Searching and Handcuffing
• Pistol and Rifle Retention (in the holster, out of the holster, standing and on the ground)
• Hostage Situations
• Special Operations


Main TOP Characteristics:

  • Simplicity
  • High retention with minimal review and practice
  • Efficient and practical techniques learned
  • Developing the reaction of using the appropriate level of force without hesitation under stressful situations

No Annual Fees Or Re-Certification Required

Once the officers pass the test your expenses as The Department are over. Even more… Each year after the TOP 2 Levels graduation your officers can retake TOP courses for refreshment or for updating Krav Maga skills FREE of cost for the rest of their career as Police Officer.

Our mobile training teams provide Private Customized Courses, Instructor Certification Courses and Seminars to meet your needs.

Bonus Certification

Another great benefit of the TOP Law Enforcement Certification Course is that upon successful completion of the course, you also receive a Civilian Instructor Certification for the same level as your TOP level at no additional cost. This certification allows you to teach civilians and earn extra income and add value to your community.

Your department pays for the training or you pay for the training or you split it 50/50 with your employer. The question is can you make your investment back?



The Krav Maga Force TOP Law Enforcement Instructor Certification Course will consist of two very intense levels (over 75 hours) of training. You can look forward to a physically and mentally challenging experience, different and unlike any other courses you have attended before.

Those who successfully complete the course will receive a Lifetime Krav Maga Force TOP Law Enforcement Instructor Certificate stating / representing their level of mastery (competency) and qualification to instruct others.  Those who do not receive a passing grade will be presented with a certification of completion / self-improvement.

If, for any reason, one is unable to complete this course, he/she may return (free of charge) for another same level course.  If one is here to take this course for self-improvement and during this course decide to take the test to become an instructor, please advise the instructor regarding this decision no later than the end of the second course day.

We do not charge any extra fees for those wishing to take the instructor test.  This also applies to those who have taken the instructor certification test but do not meet the criteria for passing the course (presented a self-improvement certificate) — one may return and take another course / re-test (at no charge).

Krav Maga Force TOP Law Enforcement Instructor Courses are specially reserved for active or retired Police Officers. Some exceptions may be made. Sometimes if an argument can be made we accept Firefighters and Paramedics to take this course.