Krav Maga Force Certification

Why Become Krav Maga Force Instructor?

  • We care! It’s that Simple!

  • This is a simple business opportunity to increase your bottom line profits and help you to help others protect their families at the same time. 

  • You can add this program to your Martial Arts school as a new program OR use the Krav Maga Force curriculum and drills to bring NEW life to your existing curriculum.

  • We have proof that when used, our Krav Maga Force curriculum brought more Teens and Adults to Martial Arts schools and kept Black Belts that were ready to quit

  • We work with you, we guide you, we support you and we are ALWAYS there for you ANYTIME without any extra cost.

  • Some people just talk, we DON’T.



What makes Krav Maga Force desirable is not just the fact that this system is one of the most effective self-defence systems on the planet, but the fact that it is a PERFECT FIT for everyone. – Yeah, maybe you’ve heard that before… well let me tell ya this time you get proof. ~ Laurian Lapadatu

As you know, the problem with most self-defence and traditional martial arts is the techniques they employ are most of the time against a cooperative opponent.  Krav Maga Force is reality based system tested in both civilian and LE worlds and teaches you how to control your attacker & take advantage of his ever present vulnerabilities.

Kraal Maga it is a self-defense system developed by the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) that consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from several martial arts (Aikido, Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, Karate etc) Krav Maga is known for not only defending against deadly psychical attacks but its also known for its extremely efficient and brutal counter-attacks.


FIRE - Females Fighting with Intensity Reaction & Energy

“FIRE” or “NO means NO” (Some of our instructors are still using the old name of the program), is the proven self-defense program developed & taught by women, it is designed to teach women how to fight back against aggressive males or aggressive Females with Intensity, Reaction, and Energy.

Unlike other women’s self-defense programs, FIRE is a reality-based and action packed program designed to teach women how to fight back against a variety of different dangerous situations including:

  • Sexual Assault – Every 107 seconds, another American is sexually assaulted

  • Domestic violence

  • Multiple attackers

  • And instances where weapons are used.

Each of the four tested, proven, expertly-designed levels will hone in on specific and common assault situations. This will give your female clients the proper training and muscle memory to ensure that they act on instinct in an assault situation and lower their chance by freezing & becoming a victim. Not only will FIRE teach women how to keep themselves safe during a confrontation, it also teaches women to take their power back in a society that is saturated with violence against women.


CFI - Combat Fitness Instructor Certification Course

Used by Military, Law Enforcement and civilians Krav Maga Force is known already for building agility, speed and stronger bodies. The Combat Fitness Instructor program you will join now is part ofKrav Maga Force Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian Instructor Courses.

Krav Maga Force is one of the leading Krav Maga organization in Canada, and the fastest growing Krav Maga Organization in North America. Kraal Maga Force is also the ONLY Krav Maga organization affiliated with ACE, Canfitpro and BCRPA for CEC’s. You, as a Personal Trainer (or not) will find our Combat Fitness program extremely unique and extremely efficient for you and your clients.

This is a stand alone course, but also the first half of the full Krav Maga Force Level 1 Instructor Certification So, when you have completed both modules, you will have the ability to offer FULL Krav Maga Force training in your gym or home town.



LE - Police Instructor Certification Course

Our Total Officer Protection (TOP) course is one of the best and most effective self defence systems designed for Police Departments, Security Agencies and Government Agents. 

We are aware of use-of-force and liability issues facing law enforcement these days and we are constantly updating our TOP Program in consultation with use-of-force experts to provide efficient responses in applications of reasonable force.

Our main focus is to keep your officers safe when they enter a combat situation. TOP also provides tactical skills and train the officers to respond quick with the right tool and apply the correct level of force especially under stress. The program is also designed to train large numbers of personnel at one time in a short period of time.

There are only 2 Educational Levels, consisting of 4 – 5 Days each. To further accommodate you, we can combine these two courses into a 1 week course of 10 hours each day. This way the officers and the Departments save travel time and expenses.


MTP Military Instructor Certification

The CTP program is designed to train large numbers of personnel at one time, using the latest Krav Maga fighting methodologies. The fighting techniques can be learned quickly, and are effective at subduing or incapacitating aggressors. 

Your solders will be taught aggressive techniques under stress that require minimal training time and deliver maximum results.  A bonus of learning survival skills via Krav Maga is the high retention rate among trainees.

The system features both defensive and offensive techniques and deals with scenarios where the officers/soldiers face life threatening situations when they are unarmed and backup or a higher force options cannot immediately be accessed.

Our CTP instructors constantly working with military units in USA, CANADA and EUROPE collecting and analyzing information about the attacks against soldiers, officers, VIP’s and civilians in a variety of environments. This allowed us to keep CTP program up to date and bringing it to you as one of the best and one of the most authentic CQC course in the world