Military Instructor Overview

Because Expertly Trained Soldiers Can Survive Under The Most Violent Circumstances



  • We will never use any material from these courses to advertise KMF.
  • No video or picture will be taken without your permission.
  • We don’t ask for reccomandation or “Thank you” letters from you.
  • We don’t mention you working with us in any statement.
  • This is an essential life preserving special military training program – CTP (Complete Tactical Program) for military and special operations units.

The CTP program is designed to train large numbers of personnel at one time, using the latest Krav Maga fighting methodologies.  The fighting techniques can be learned quickly, and are effective at subduing or incapacitating aggressors.  Your solders will be taught aggressive techniques under stress that require minimal training time and deliver maximum results.  A bonus of learning survival skills via Krav Maga is the high retention rate among trainees.

The system features both defensive and offensive techniques and deals with scenarios where the officers/soldiers face life threatening situations when they are unarmed and backup or a higher force options cannot immediately be accessed.


CTP developed in partnership with military units in USA, Canada and Europe

Our CTP instructors constantly working with military units in USA, CANADA and EUROPE collecting and analyzing information about the attacks against soldiers, officers, VIP’s and civilians in a variety of environments. This allowed us to keep CTP program up to date and bringing it to you as one of the best and one of the most authentic CQC course in the world.

The assignments of the modern military units are also the close protection, rescue operations, as well as urban raids in the center of a densely populated city. We train soldiers to correctly respond when they may find themselves in situations when they can’t use their fire arms:
– Too close to explosive material.
– Too dangerous to shoot (Crowd – civilians, VIP or fellow officers injured by friendly fire)
– The weapon does not shoot (out of ammunition or jammed).
– Getting attacked with a sharp object from the side, above or back as enter in a small space/house to rescue or to search the space/house.
– No shoot zone.
– When shooting doesn’t stop the attacker reach / stabbing him or others.
– Confident enough not to use lethal force.

Krav Maga Force goes far beyond instructional methods which train soldiers to be ring Kickboxers/MMA fighters or soldiers who only know how to use firearms to make holes in paper targets.

CTP with Technical, Tactical, Mental and Physical Preparation training in the sectors of hand-to-hand combat, armed and unarmed fighting skills and tactics, weapons retention, weapons defense, arresting, control methods, neutralizing tactics and 3rd party protection has the ability to bring to the highest preparation level possible any group of Military or Government Combat Instructors in short amount of time.


Intensive Close Quarter/ No Fire Combative Training

Our mobile training teams will provide Private Customized Coursers to meet your needs or 2 – 7 days of top-notch Krav Maga Force CTP Instructors Certification Courses.

CTP educates the instructors taking the course to train their units to respond without hesitation during high-stress events, fulfilling combat missions as well as functioning correctly in peace keeping and peace enforcing assignments while interacting with civilians.



Layers Techniques upon a Soldiers Natural Fighting Ability

Krav Maga adds fighting dimensions upon a solders natural fighting ability, it is the current prevailing fighting style that increases the combat efficiency & survival rate of a soldier during hand-to-hand combat.

During hand-to-hand combat a solder should not have to think about their next move under stress but basically react instead.

A solider has a short time to learn Krav Maga life preserving, close quarter fighting techniques as (s)he will be returned to active duty or required to do some other form of military training.

So, in a short period of time they must be taught to survive when their weapon has been compromised; they are cut off from their unit in hostile territory or trapped.