Woman's Self Defence Instructor


FIRE is female developed and female taught women’s self-defense program and is the most unique and effective self-defense system for women in the world.

If you have a passion for empowering women, teaching them to fight for their lives, and standing up to stop violence against women, then this certification is for you.

Not only will you experience an extreme amount of personal growth mentally and physically as result of this certification, you will also have the opportunity to change the lives of women who live locally to you by obtaining the ability to run successful FIRE programs in your community.


Unlike Other Women’s Self-Defense Programs, 

FIRE is a reality-based and action packed program designed to teach women how to fight back against a variety of different dangerous situations including:

  • Sexual Assault  – Every 107 seconds, another American is sexually assaulted
  • Domestic violence
  • Multiple attackers
  • And instances where weapons are used.

Each of the four tested, proven, expertly-designed levels will hone in on specific and common assault situations.

This will give your female clients the proper training and muscle memory to ensure that they act on instinct in an assault situation and lower their chance by freezing & becoming a victim.

Not only will FIRE teach women how to keep themselves safe during a confrontation, it also teaches women to take their power back in a society that is saturated with violence against women.


How Do We Help You Make Money?

We provide the skills and the material to run this new and innovative women’s self-defence class in your area.

• Our certification program ensures you have the skill to teach and attract attention!
• We provide marketing and email campaigns to help you fill your class.
• We teach you how to build your customer list.
• How to  find your target prospects & convert them to clients for your classes.
•Referral Package to ensure your getting the most out of your marketing



Your certificate valid for life and you will always have direct contact with all top instructors in the FIRE Self-Defense Programs.

• New tactics for women’s self-defense, striking, ground survival, and defense against weapons.
 Skills in order to successfully teach women and how to properly address the likely instance of women in your class having already been assaulted.
• Experience and learn to facilitate safe, controlled, close-quarters fight simulations.
Learn to be safe in training and in training others.
• Experience something you have never done before.
• Opportunity to change the lives of women and stand out in the face of violence against women in our society.


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