Krav Maga Force Is The Best (8th degree Master Instructor)

My name is Stephen Hammersley owner and 8th degree Master Instructor of American Martial Arts the Chuck Norris System of martial arts training in New Smyrna Beach FL.

As a martial arts student for over 35 years holding black belts in many systems, I have trained with some of the best teachers on the planet, and have experienced many different approaches to real life self defense training…that being said,

Krav Maga Force is the best and the only K.M. System I would choose to learn and teach at my school… Laurian is one of the most talented knowledgeable and world class instructors that I have ever had the pleasure to meet, learn from and train with.

Master Stephen Hammersley
8th Degree Black Belt
New Smyrna Beach FL, USA


Testimonial: My wife and I took this course together … and let me tell you (Professional Athlete)

I am 6’4, 225lbs, have training in boxing, and strength train 5 days a week. None of that means anything if I have a 280lb man sitting on me in full-mount with his hands around my neck or some scumbag with a knife to my throat.

What I learned through Krav Maga Force over the Instructor Level 1 Weekend Course (roughly 30+hours over 3 days) was life-changing. My wife and I took this course together to get a better concept of self-defense, and let me tell you, Laurian is the real deal. He is powerful, he is precise, and he is passionate.

Laurian made it clear: This is not a martial arts course to win a competition, this is a self-defense course to save your life or the lives of your family members, and the training isn’t to win a fight, it’s to end one. To be honest, it was a grueling 3 days: it was physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting, but the skills we learned and the feel we gained for the inner animal we all have, who never says die, was invaluable.

This course was worth every penny and will change the way you view the world. A big thanks to Laurian, Ken, and Andrea for passing along your knowledge and helping to develop and hone our skills.

Brendan Rolfe
Vancouver BC,  Canada


Testimonial: By Far The Most Intense And Realistic Training (Police)

“I just passed my LE Instructor Level 1 Course. Outstanding workout and great tactics as well as force options. I’ve been a police officer for 5 years now and this course was by far the most intense and realistic training I’ve ever had before. Laurian, with you we HURT, so out there we DON’T DIE! Thank you!”

Michael B
Houston TX, USA


Feedback: Studying Martial Arts For Over 27 Years & Laurian Would Be At The Top Of The List ( Master in 4 Martial Arts including Krav Maga)

“I have 4 different Black Belts in four different Martial Arts (highest rank 7th Degree Black Belt), I also been in Israel to get my Krav Maga Black Belt and I have been studying martial arts for over 27 years. During that time I have known many instructors. If I had to list the top five instructors who I have had the pleasure to train with Laurian would be at the top of the list.  He brings a high level of intensity and a depth of understanding that is unequal to anyone I have had the pleasure of training with. When it comes to Krav Maga, Laurian is 100% my choice .”

Master Ryan Spink
7th Degree Black Belt
Victorville CA, USA


Testimonial: Greatest Experience Ever With An Amazing Instructor (9th Degree Black Belt)

“A must take course for any martial artist or person wanting to know self-defense!

I have been training and teaching the martial arts for over 40 years and have trained with some of the finest teachers of our time – Chuck Norris, Benny the Jet, Bill Wallace, Dave Kovar among others..
When Laurian came to my studio in So.Cal. to teach us his Krav Maga Force (KMF) certification course, I had no idea what to expect.  I came away having one of the greatest experience ever. He is an amazing instructor with a world of knowledge. His vast martial arts background certainly helped and added to this KMF program. I highly recommend anyone to take this course if you want to learn true self-defense AND get an amazing workout!”

Roger Lacombe
9th Degree Black Belt
Lakevillage California, USA


Feedback: To train women in self defence, this is a frank and realistic approach

Just finished their F.I.R.E. Instructors Course…for any one who or wants to train women in self defence, this is a frank and realistic approach. Laurian is the real deal. He is all about making the instructor the best they can be to benefit their student, not interested in showing you the best that he can be…his passion is contagious and his commitment to provide people with the most effective tools for personal protection is so genuine.

G-lan Yee


Testimonial: As a school owner I have found Krav Maga Force a great addition to our course

My name is Howard Munding. I am a 6th degree black belt in the Chuck Norris system as well as aLevel 4 instructor in Krav Maga Force, a Level 3 Krav Maga Instructor in another organization. I have known and trained with Laurian Lapadatu since 2009. I am one of his first instructors in his Krav Maga Force organization. I have found Krav Maga Force to be a great addition to my martial arts training. As a school owner I have found Krav Maga Force a great addition to our course offerings generating additional revenue for our school. The principles are solid, practical, and effective.  Law enforcement, security, and military personnel have expressed to me how effective they have found this system.

For a layperson looking for a practical and effective self defense system to learn they should look at Krav Maga Force. For a martial arts school owner/instructor looking for a self defense program to add to their school they should serious consider Krav Maga Force.

Howard Munding
6th Degree Black Belt
Peoria AZ, USA


Testimonial: Krav Maga Allows You To Challenge Yourself

“My first class with Krav Maga Force was very intense, challenging but fun.  I was over-weight and lacked conditioning but I was determined to keep taking Krav Maga Force because each class was always different.  The program contained a lot of key ingredients that I was looking for in a training program to help get me back into shape.  A lot of the training and techniques from this program originated from the Army but it allowed civilians to participate without physically joining the army.  The great thing about Krav Maga Force is that it allows you to challenge yourself with the workouts and you also learn how to protect yourself in the civilian world against possible dangers such as knife, gun threats or any aggressive behavior from another individual.  After every workout, it would give the individual a sense of accomplishment and pride.  As a result of training in Krav Maga Force for 4 years I became a Level 2 Civilian Instructor, I have lost a significant amount of weight, built muscle mass and have stayed in great condition.  I have also made a lot of friends with various martial arts backgrounds in my classes over the many years of training in which I can call them my “brothers” and “sisters”. Overall, Krav Maga Force has taught me a lot of life skills, it has built my confidence, to become more patient, to always look around my surroundings when entering a crowded place, to predict possible dangers/threats and to think outside of the box when faced with challenges.”

Alex Wong
Vancouver BC, Canada




Feedback: I am a DPSST Armed and Unarmed security instructor

I have taken many courses with Laurian Lapadatu as the head instructor. I will be moving on to level 4 in May. I own and operate Premier Krav Maga in Oregon’s Rogue Valley and the teaching is incomparable, the skills we learned in all of these prior levels are amazing. As a former law enforcement field training officer and 3rd degree black belt instructor, I find these skills a vital component of my teaching. I use them constantly. I teach law enforcement, armed and unarmed security and I am a DPSST Armed and Unarmed security instructor as well. I am looking forward to our 4 days in May and am currently seeking levels 1 and 2 in the Total Officer Protection System with Laurian.

David Cunningham
Rogue Valley Oregon, USA


Feedback: It’s Game On Right Now!

“I’m in the Krav Maga Force program. Just a student. Thought i would be going twice per week or something, and here i am…going strong every day…First couple of weeks were tough…but it’s game on right now!”

Burnaby BC, Canada


Testimonial:  The Mental Challenge This Training Provides Has Been Truly Rewarding

“I have had an amazing journey since I have started my Krav Maga Force training.  Not only has my physical strength and overall fitness improved, the mental challenge this training provides has been truly rewarding. My coordination, conditioning and mental toughness has improved tremendously. I enjoy the challenge of training even though some days it feels like it is the toughest thing I have ever had to do.”
Sandra M. (Mother of 3)
Student Val
North Vancouver BC, Canada


Feedback: It’s not just self defense it’s life lessons that can be learned by anyone

Have been training for past 3 months in Lloydminster, and just today took a 2 hr seminar with Instructor Laurian, blew me away how fast and skilled he is. Anyone who cares about their safety or the well being of their family needs to take this training. It’s not just self defence it’s life lessons that can be learned by anyone, no matter your skill level. My goal is to become a trainer, and continue what they have started.
Thanx again Laurian it was a pleasure to meet you and look forward to working with you again soon.

Rob Demas
Lloydminster SK, Canada



Feedback: A Few Months Ago I Was Robbed

“I started training with Krav Maga Force a month ago. I thought my days of serious training were over when I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disk Disease. I’m over 50 and a few months ago I was robbed. I really needed to learn to defend myself and because of my disk disease, my best option was personal training. They have customized training sessions designed to strengthen my back and increase my overall fitness level while at the same time teach me self defense. The sessions are demanding, fun and increasingly more challenging. I have never pushed myself this hard before. Both my back and fitness level are improving rapidly giving me more confidence to train even harder. A piece of advice for you, they definitely know what they are doing, so they know how much to push you, don’t even try to find excuses to not do what they ask lol… my favorite line ” Really? Tell somebody who cares, just do it!” lol Yeah… but it WORKS!”

Robert L
Vancouver BC, Canada


Testimonial: Krav Maga Force Gave Me My Confidence Back (X-military)

When I first walked through the doors of Krav Maga Force, I had no idea that my life will change forever. As an x-military, my health was kind of going down due to some injuries that I sustained during my service not to mention that I started to develop a panic attack/worries about my family every time we were going on a trip. At first I came for the training aspect, and I stayed for the fun. Krav Maga Force gave me my confidence back as well as the most efficient stress relief mechanism out there. I’m now 90% recovered from my injuries and I did not have to take not even one single pill for that. I’m almost back to the level of training that I used to be when I was in the army. Whether you come to a Krav Maga curriculum class, a fitness class, a combative, fight or heavy bag class, or indeed a seminar on self defence, knife or gun defence, as soon as you descend those steps and walk through that door you are in an environment that is absolutely tailored to maximizing your training and dedicated to keeping you safe on the streets.

Ken C.
Coquitlam BC, Canada


Feedback: I Feel More Confident To Protect Myself

“I was interested in Krav Maga and found Karv Maga Force when I moved to Vancouver.I have always been in good shape. Yet I found KMF’s program challenging. It has greatly improved my fitness level.I have been training for about 2 years now. I feel more confident to protect myself or handle conflict situations.”

Martin B.
Vancouver BC, Canada


Feedback:We Have To Keep Our Selves Safe

Krav Maga Force is the first self defense system I’ve ever learned which gives us total freedom to utilize what ever ways and means we have to keep our selves safe from real life threats we may encounter in every day life.

It’s given me the confidence to understand no matter what situation I never have to fall victim to any attack or threat I encounter on the street.

In less than 12 months I was taught the basic and advance defenses from threats against a gun, a knife, a stick or baseball bat, and against more than 1 attacker. The wide range of training really opened my eyes to what could happen out there in the streets and what I need to know in order to defend against those kinds of problems.
Training in Krav Maga Force also gave me my life back, during a time when so many things were going wrong for me. The training and guidance helped me grow into a stronger, wiser human being and helped me tackle some of the biggest challenges I’ve ever had to face, both inside and outside the arena of street violence.

Since training with Krav Maga Force I also chose to become an instructor, so I could help give back to others the way KMF has given so much to me.

Alan G
Vancouver BC, Canada


Testimonial: …designed for instructors to immediately incorporate into their martial arts…

“I’ve trained in traditional martial arts for 37 yrs. and training in Krav Maga force with Laurian has been one of the most worthwhile experiences I’ve had both as a martial artist and as an instructor. The curriculum is well thought out and designed for instructors to immediately incorporate into their martial arts classes. There is no doubt in my mind knowing these techniques could save your life or the life of a loved one.”

Robert Fulbright, Ph.D.
3rd Degree Black Belt – Chuck Norris System
California, USA